A selection of my haiku published since 2015:


giant chess

children look the knights

in the eye

(The Asahi Shimbun, Asahi Haikuist Network, 2 November 2018.)


white stork,

you do not pair for life

nor I

(Le Lumachine, N° 28, 2018)


blue wildflowers

the map that won’t


(The Heron’s Nest, June 2018)



a grandmother

in every floret

(The Heron’s Nest, June 2018)


thrown clay

a new planet starts

to spin

(Stardust, In the Starlight, April 2018)


her freesias

in his colours

prison wedding

(Chrysanthemum, March 2018, issue #23)


Genealogy Day

come nightfall I line up

the skeletons

(Presence, Issue 60, 2018)


night bus home

the idle counterweights

of cranes

(The Heron’s Nest, March 2018)


tended grave

a man makes the sign

for daughter

(Mayfly, issue 64)


premature birth

I choose the thinnest needles

and the softest wool

(Pulse, 16 February 2018)


New Year’s Eve

my hostess offers me

the home I lost

(The Asahi Shimbun, Asahi Haikuist Network, 29 December 2017)


truce peaches

gently I wash out

their bruises

(Akitsu Quarterly, winter 2017)


felled branches

the park

gets a brand new sky

(Gnarled Oak, Issue 14, 22 November 2017)


twice a widow

laundry stiff from ice

brought in to thaw

(Presence, Issue 59, 2017)


love poetry

back on the shelf

dust in my throat

(the Aurorean, fall/winter 2017-18)


bundled up

under the Milky Way

our naked thoughts

(Acorn, fall issue 2017)



facing in all directions


(The Mainichi, 17 October 2017)


sitting down

in another woman’s perfume

plastic flowers

(hedgerow #120 (summer 2017 print issue)


standing in line

for winter soup

a harvest of gourds

(The Croatian International Haiku Contest 2017, highly commended)


hurricane season

a journalist flies

against the flow

(The New Verse News, 11 September 2017)


both you

and the moon tonight

a second late

(The World Haiku Review, Summer 2017, Vanguard haiku)



a child draws the head

on a hangman

(Under the Basho, 13 July 2017)


white ruffle

tied to the aerial

wrong car

(Right Hand Pointing, Issue 112, July 2017)



the pomander

that I made her

(Failed Haiku, Vol. 2, issue 17)


holiday snap

lilacs open

on a tourist’s skirt

(Otata, Issue 17, May 2017)


my late night

mystery caller

Northern Lights

(Joint winner, tinywords challenge, N° 17.1, March 2017)


oysters’ lips

tremble underwater –

unsure I can conceive

(Modern Haiku, N° 47.3, 2016)


sheets of rain

a sunflower

on your damp postcard

(The 27th ITO EN Oi Ocha New Haiku Contest, 2016, Merit Award)


a bride at sixteen green apples

(A Hundred Gourds, June 2016)